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My new page!

Hello everyone, i want to introduce to you my new website: http://ruiyujin.com/ (I make it like this old WordPress site for you to comment and follow easily)

Now, I’m going to move all post and information to this page and then, I  AM NOT USE THIS PAGE anymore. 🙂

Therefore, you can add my new site to follow: http://ruiyujin.com/

This is the last post in this place.  Thank you so much for reading! 🙂 Have a nice day. 😀



Alice in …land

Alice in land Cosplay

(Base on “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” novel)

[Performance in 07 & 08.2011]


Alice by Reiki Gen
Red Queen and White Queen by Kitainai (a.k.a Jane Nguyễn)
Mad Hatter (Hatter) and Cheshise Cat by Long (a.k.a Grey Lazy Cat)
Caterpillar by Kea Seto
Brown Rabbit (March Hare) by Rui Yujin
White Rabbit by Meiji Greenie
Cards of Heart by Ayame and Mizu (a.k.a Zin)

Photo by Rui Yujin, Trung and Hakimei
Retouch & Concept by Rui Yujin

Costume Design of Red Queen, White Queen, Alice by Reiki Gen
Costume Design of Mad Hatter & Cheshire Cat by Long

The costume is based on our imagination.  This project was the farewell to 3 friends (they went to another countries for studying :))). Enjoy! 😀

<I am Alice>


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Kalix x Delphine (Dream of Doll)

Kalix X Delphine Cosplay

Doll from Dream of Doll

[Performance: 27.08.2011]


Kalix by Long

Delphine by Rui Yujin

Photo by Shad & Kai

Retouch by Rui Yujin

Special thanks to Ryuuseki & Meiji


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DOLLS Cosplay

[Performance: 14.08.2011]


This is some pictures from a day that we were doing a video clip. I think we will do a full album soon~

You can watch this cosplay clip at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88oN7U8QkHI

On Stage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1-tJMG_h0g&feature=related


First Brigade
Meo as Shouta Mikoshiba
Ryuuseiki as Seiju Shikibu
Rui Yujin as Usaki Toudou

Second Brigade
MinG as Rami Aikawa
Poka as Yoshino Saeki
Fairy as Ayane Kubou

Third Brigade
Hitomi as Riku Kamijou
SilverX as Motochika Kagami
Yuin as Mizuki Kurose

Photo by Thi Phạm

Retouch by Rui Yujin


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Back to High School

Back to High School 

With Saber, Meiji Greenie, Reiki & Rui Yujin

Photo by Kyose 

-We know that we’re too old for high school but everyone has a dream! :)) Therefore, we do this together. Hope everyone will like it. A sudden project while Saber was in Ho Chi Minh city within 3 days. –

<Click on the photo to view full-size>

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Seven Sins (Behind the Scene)

Seven Sins Cosplay (Behind the Scene)

Photoshoot: 27.07.2011

We did a costume project, its name is “Seven Sins”. As that name, there is 7 sins. =)) I cosplayed 2 sins. Somehow, I had a lot of unrelated pictures.  :”> Therefore, I post some pictures here.

Photo by Shad & Elfangor

Retouch by Rui Yujin

Thanks to Shad, Elf, Kororo, Kai & Shinigami

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Ludwig Revolution

Ludwig Revolution Cosplay

Another name: Ludwig Kakumei

Performance:  31.07.2011
Ludwig Prince (Lui) by Rui Yujin
Amalberga Queen by Haki Mei
Lisette by Kororo
Dorothea (Witch) by Reiki
Friederike (Idike) by Meimei Sweet
Blanche by Meiji Greenie
Photo by Kei, Elfangor and Kai
Retouch by Rui Yujin with the helpful of Haki Mei, Meimei Sweet and Kororo
Thanks to Kor, Kei, Elf, Kai, Long, Kyo, Mizu for helping us
Thanks to “Au Manoir de Khai” for that amazing location


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